Saryna Key Damage Repair African Shea Oil 110ml

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Saryna Key Damage Repair African Shea Oil 110ml

Treatment: African Shea oil is produced from Shea nut butter which is a natural source of keratin that envelopes the hair shaft, imparts softness, flexibility and brilliant shine. The high concentration of active ingredients including vitamins, silk proteins and amino acids is easily absorbed to penetrate the follicle restoring damaged hair from root to tip without leaving any greasy residue.

Results: From the initial application hair will feel softer with brilliant shine and manageability.

Additional applications will nourish, hydrate and strengthen the hair as well as return vitality to dry, damaged hair.

Instructions For Use: For best results, shampoo and condition with African Shea damage repair shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry. Pump several drops of African Shea Oil Damage Repair into the palm of hand. Rub hands together and work into hair well before styling.

Hair Type: Dry, Damaged, Split Ends.

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