Saryna Key Damage Repair African Shea Conditioner 500ml

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Saryna Key Damage Repair African Shea Conditioner 500ml

Treatment: The African Shea Conditioner formula build a protective external layer that enriches the hair with vital conditioning ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Contains Shea butter, cotton and silk proteins to strengthen the hair as well as restore the natural shine and moisture. Vitamin B6 rejuvenates. Active proteins fill the hair texture and amino acids strengthen the hair shaft.

Results: Rejuvenated, nourished and protected hair that is soft, flexible and easy to manage. Hair that is full of shimmer and vitality.

Instructions For Use: Wash hair, apply a generous amount of African Shea Conditioner. Leave in for one minute. Rinse thoroughly.

Hair Type: Dry, Broken, Damaged.

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