Saryna Key Boha Shea 12ml (60% Keratin)

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Saryna Key Boha Shea 12ml (60% Keratin)
Treatment: The unique treatment of the Boha Shea formula found in one ampoule rehabilitates and envelops the hair shaft creating a protective barrier against climate damage while nourishing and restoring the hairs natural moisture.

Results: Boha Shea will dramatically improve the hair structure and restore its vitality and natural moisture.

Instructions For Use: Shake ampule prior to use. Shampoo hair and gently squeeze out any excess water. Spray hair with Boha Shea, work into a full lather then wait. After 5 – 10 minutes, thoroughly rinse.

In colder weather, prior to use, remove the closed ampule from its container and warm under running water until it returns to a liquid state.

Hair Types: Chemically treated hair.

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