GK Hair (Global Keratin) Thermal Round Brush 65mm

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GK Hair (Global Keratin) Thermal Round Brush 65mm

GKhair Round Brushes are heat resistant with easy air flow.

They are made with Ceramic Ionic elements, eliminating negative irons causing frizz when heated and assists in the breakdown of bacteria build-up on the hair and scalp.

The brush allows quick drying time due to ceramic element which holds heat longer.

The brush smoothes and straightens coarse, curly or wavy hair.

Also assists the stylist to create the perfect sleek blow-dry waves or soft curls while adding volume.

GKhair carries a wide range of brush sizes which are suitable for all hair lengths.

GKhair Round Brushes contain a convenient separating pin at the end of the tool and a magnet to store easily in salon stations.

Available in various sizes:
25mm, 43mm, 53mm, 65mm, 80mm

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