Internet Browser Compatibility/Cache 

If you are experiencing difficulties placing an order, it’s possible that the browser you are currently using may not be 100% compatible with our online ordering system, your internet browser may need to be updated/upgraded, or try switching to a different internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox, or try placing your order using a different device.

Try clearing your browser cache as this is a common issue that can be easily fixed. To do this, you can find instructions here:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome



If you are receiving any kind of error message, please take note of what the error message says for our reference. Please also visit This Machine and let us know what browser version and device you’re using (you don’t have to tell us your IP address).

If you are still having issues completing your order, please send us an email or complete the manual ordering form below and we’ll create an order for you and email a link for payment. If you need to speak to someone please give us a call on 03 9833 3771.

Credit Card Payment Errors

If you are receiving an error message when paying with your credit card:

Occasionally your payment will be held temporarily while we review a few details of your payment. We may need to contact you to verify your CVV number to process this payment – please understand this is part of our security system, to keep our customers safe. If you receive an error message regarding your transaction, please contact our customer service team at or on (03) 9833 3771.

On rare occasions, the issuing bank verification system or our partner online verification system is down. At these times, no authorisations or transactions can be processed. Please note that these outages can last for a few minutes to an hour. No authorisations or holds on your funds will be processed and nothing will be charged to your card. We recommend that you attempt to place your order again in an hour or contact our Customer Service team.



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