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Get the Beach Babe Wave

Get the Beach Babe Wave It doesn’t take a genius to guess what look suits [...]

Introducing Keune Power Paste

Are you tired of your hair falling flat and lacking style? Look no further than [...]

Where to Buy GHD Hair Straightener: A Comprehensive Guide

Is the GHD hair straightener worth the investment? Absolutely, GHD hair straighteners are renowned for [...]


Many people love to take a hot shower before going to sleep. The only question: [...]

Discover Your Curl Type & Get Styling Tips

Discover Your Curl Type & Get Styling Tips. We live in a time that we [...]

Ocean Hair: the Good, the Bad and the Salty

Surfer girls are famous for their model bodies, unbeatable tan, and water gliding skills. It [...]

The Hair Diffuser: The Curly Gal’s Best Pal

If you were born a curly, sooner or later, you get to realise that the [...]

(H)Air Drying Like A Pro (No Frizz Edition)

You have probably read about the benefits of air-drying your locks as many times as [...]

Beach-prepped Locks

Do you love going to the beach? Does you hair suffer from tangles, knots, and [...]

SOS: Oily Scalp

Anyone who has had to deal with an oily scalp understands how embarrassing, frustrating, and [...]

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