Top 5 Playful Brunette Colour Suggestions

Your earthy brunette tones are getting old, so you have been dreaming of a transformation. A dramatic blonde changeover seems intimidating. A deep blue-black will not suit your complexion.

Change is inevitable, yet you only want it to be subtle. You prefer to experiment within your comfort zone and there is nothing wrong with it.

With these suggestions, you can still get your desired hint of spice while preserving the dominance of your brunette shades.

#1 Start with some lowlights

One way to start out diversifying the brown hues is by incorporating lowlights. They are the most conservative step you can undertake on your brunette journey.

Their purpose is practically the same, as the highlights’: to add illusionary texture to your mane via contrast. Lowlights are subtle yet effective. You should go with no more than two to three shades darker than your main colour. For a more intense look, you should opt-in for deep red or violet undertones.

#2 Extend to highlights

Once you have enjoyed your lowlights for long enough, you may start to feel more adventurous with your hairstyle. Instead of jumping onto a platinum blonde, you could gradually introduce more playful colours into your locks.

Highlights offer a diverse range of options. You can choose thick or thin streaks, sporadic or patterned designs, and ashy or rose gold shades. Remember that highlights go hand in hand with bleaching. If that is off your agenda, resort to the option above.

#3 Incorporate a balayage

Most beauty enthusiasts stay away from blonde tones as they demand constant maintenance. The main challenge lies in the continuous root touch-ups. If you do not fancy darker growing out roots but would like to spice your mane up with some blonde tones, balayage is the solution.

This hairstyle offers you the unique opportunity to try the best of both the brunette and blonde world. The commitment is low as the lighter notes are only applied to the ends of your tresses. In case of an unsuccessful attempt, you can just chop it off (win) and get a new cut out of it (win).

#4 Move onto an ombre

You have been rocking your balayage for quite some time. It has settled in with you, and another changeover is due. A full-on blonde seems like a far-fetched concept, though, as you do not want to give up your low maintenance brunette routes.

Have you considered an ombre?

It has remained one of the hottest colouring trends, not only in the hair world but also in makeup, interior design, and clothing. You could lift the lightness of your tone closer to your roots or stick to the mid-section for a balanced look.

#5 Lighten it all up

Once you have experimented with a couple of progressively lighter colour switch-ups, you could go all-in if you are still craving a blonder vision. It is recommendable that you continue to gradually lift your tone for a smoother transition. If you are still leaning toward a brave platinum colour, in the end, be patient. The ideal result may take a few salon sessions to ensure minimal hair damage.

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