The Love Affair of Coconut Oil & Your Hair

If you have been following the most recent trends in natural hair care, you may have noticed that coconut oil appears as one of the most dominant players in the field.

It smells fantastic. It has the perfect texture that is also quite versatile. You can use it on your skin, your hair, or in your food. Unless you are allergic to it, which is a rare occasion, your body and beauty will benefit from it.

Coconut Oil: The Queen of All Oils

Though unofficial, coconut oil could be crowned as the queen of all oils. This is especially true when it is applied to your locks because:

·      Coconut oil provides unparalleled moisture.

If your mane is naturally on the dry or frizzy side, you have dyed it more times than you can remember, or your flat iron is an iconic item in your beauty routine, then you need coconut oil in your tresses. It is not only nourishing but extremely moisture-wicking. Unlike most oils, it not only reaches the outer layer of your mane but also deeply penetrates the hair follicles. As an added benefit, it is one of the easiest absorbed oils, due to its molecular structure.

·      Coconut oil strengthens your mane’s proteins.

Though coconut oil itself does not contain any proteins, it is comprised of more than 50 % lauric acid that enhances the protein content of your locks. It can also contribute to the reintroduction or rebuilding of protein in your tresses, which will result in less breakage/split ends. Often, protein deficiency is blamed for excessive hair loss, too. So you may slow it down or prevent it when you make coconut oil a staple in your hair routine.

·      Coconut oil has a natural UV protection.

While you should not replace your high SPF sunscreen with coconut oil, it may provide enough protection for your mane. If the sun is not scorching hot, applying a decent amount on your tresses could be a temporary solution. The estimated UV factor is about 8, which may seem low for your sensitive face but could suffice for a quick beach updo. This will also not pollute the ocean; in case you decide to go for a quick dip.

If these properties are not convincing enough, you should also remember how many of your DIY recipes incorporate coconut oil as the base of a nurturing concoction.

Some other lesser-known yet nifty uses include:

·      Dandruff therapy

Coconut oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-blemish properties. Dandruff therapy, as prescribed by your doctor, should not be replaced by DIY treatments. Introducing coconut oil into your scalp regimen, though, may assist in solving your dandruff-related issues.

·      Lice treatment

If lice ever invade your mane and you are not keen on using chemical treatment, you may want to give coconut oil a go. Some studies have reported that when mixed in with anise, the concoction is about 40 % more efficient in treating the parasites. The spray could also be used as a preventative measure without any negative repercussions.

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