Haircare and Sustainability: 3 Pro Tips

Sustainability and green living have become some of the hottest topics of the decade. Harmful emissions, plastic pollution, and animal cruelty are only some of the pressing issues raised by activists and influencers alike. The oceans, forests, and entire fauna are desperately crying for help. If you have not yet jumped on the conscious consumption train, it is never too late.

Here are some simple yet efficient ways to reduce your harmful impact on the environment by implementing an eco-friendlier hair routine.

1.   Say “No” to Plastic Packaging & Tools

Most reputable hair care companies have started to introduce sustainable packaging. Some of the innovations include shampoo bar soaps that come in little to no packaging and reusable metal containers. If you cannot avoid the plastic, at minimum try to repurpose it in your household or garden. Do not forget about your hairbrush and hair accessories, as plastic rules these realms, too—Opt-in for greener alternatives like bamboo, silk, or upcycled materials.

2.   Refillable Stores/Brands

One of the fastest-growing trends among the eco-friendly community is the concept of refillable goods. This way, lots of waste is eliminated, and old containers are repurposed. Some of the market leaders in the hair world have introduced refillable options, in response to the growing demand. Be sure to double-check if your favourite brand has joined the movement.

3.   Regulate Your Water Usage

This may sound easy to implement at first, and it is if you are conscious in the shower and could brave up a few minutes of cold water. Always turn the tap off when shampooing and conditioning, brushing, and any other activities that do not require H2O. If your scalp allows, you could go a step further and wash your locks one less time per week. Dry shampoo will become your BFF.

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