Buying a Wig 101

Have you ever wanted to be a blonde for a day or a week? Probably, you never took the leap to go platinum, though, as commitment and damage stood in your way.

Maybe, alopecia abruptly entered your life and your confidence took a hit.

We have some good news for you!

Regardless of your circumstances, you can invest in a wig, which resembles your perfect style.

Over the past decade, wigs have evolved to the extent at which, a well-fitted top-quality piece will be unnoticeable even to the pros.

The trick is in knowing what to look for when investing in a wig. Other than choosing a style, which matches your facial shape and skin tone, here are some useful tips to consider:

·      Select the right cap size

If your wig is too loose or too tight, it may create unnecessary discomfort and prevent you from enjoying the experience. If you are among the 95 % of standard-sized people, then an average cap size will fit you.

To ensure a proper match: grab a measuring tape and wrap it around the circumference of your head along the hairline, going behind both ears. Double-check your result with the cap sizes for your preferred brand.

·      Synthetic vs Real Human Hair

Depending on your budget, lifestyle, reasons for the investment, and styling preferences, you can go one of 2 main routes:


PROS: ideal for short-term fixes; does not react to the weather; minimal styling required; budget-friendly

CONS: cannot heat-style or colour; won’t last long if worn often; tangles up easily; could have an unnatural gloss


Real Human Hair

PROS: looks, feels, and moves naturally; styling & colouring like normal hair; less prone to tangles or mats; durable with adequate care

CONS: top dollar for top-quality; vulnerable to weather conditions; requires consistent maintenance

·      Be mindful of the wig type

If you are new to the wig-buying game, you may feel overwhelmed by the options. Here’s a brief summary of the 4 main types:

1.    100 % Hand-Tied

The title says it all. The hair moves naturally. It is most suitable for those with sensitive scalps.

2.    Monofilament

Individual hairs are tied to a thin sheer layer of monofilament material, allowing for versatile parting & styling.

3.    Lace Front

If you like to keep your locks away from your face, this will be a hit for you. Each hair is attached separately & the wig is delicate. Requires gentle handling.

4.    Wefted

Durable, pre-styled, and affordable. Open-weft structure allows for breathability. Doesn’t move so naturally but has volume.

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