Well-Kept Hair Secrets from Around the Globe: The Sequel

The world has many treasures to offer. Famous companies often popularize international hair hacks with their marketing campaigns.

Some secrets are yet to be discovered by the global beauty community, though. We cannot promise you that we’ll be able to cover all of them, but we will be extensive.

Without further ado, the second part of the global hair secrets has arrived.

Cactus Oil from Jamaica to Combat the Frizz

When you live in an extremely hot climate, frizz often becomes one of your top enemies. Jamaican women have been using cactus oil to fight off the disturbance.

Similarly to the cactus plant, the oil extract has to seal in all the moisture into your locks to ensure maximum smoothness & silkiness.

The Greeks Cheer You with “Opa” When You Use Mastic

If you have ever tried authentic Greek food, you already have some understanding of their balanced Mediterranean diet.

The lesser-known secret from the Greeks is the frequent use of mastic for their hair needs. This special ingredient is derived from the resin of a tree unique to the island of Chios.

The French Can Teach You About No-Tool Styling

Certainly, you have heard multiple hair advocates vouching for the no-heat styling. French ladies, though, are known for their no-fuss hairstyles.

They maintain their healthy manes with a combination of air-drying techniques and finger combing, avoiding the use of any heat-inducing tools.

Amla Oil and Henna Are Behind India’s Luscious Manes

Indian women turn to bio ingredients, borrowed from Ayurveda and alternative medicine to maintain their long & luscious locks.  

Henna is often mixed with natural hair dyes like coffee grounds and black tea leaves to enhance the rich dark hues of their hair.

Another popular treatment to cover up gray hairs and intensify the raven tones is Amla oil, which is extracted from gooseberries. It is famous for its antioxidant qualities. 

Local Hacks: The world admires Australian surfer girls not only for their water skills but also for their sun-kissed shiny locks.

UV protection and salt sprays are your allies against the hot Oz summer days. Hopefully, you already knew that and have been implementing it into your daily routine. If you have not, it is never too late to develop positive habits.

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