The Comeback of the ‘90s Hair Looks

Iconic hair looks leave an imprint on the beauty industry. Often, they have a span of popularity. When a celebrity teams up with a phenomenal hairstylist, the result is a refreshed & contemporary take on a forgotten hair trend.

The 90s are one of the most beloved historical times. Many hair inspirations have been drawn from the era of the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys.

Here is a compilation of some of this year’s hottest trends, influenced by the ‘90s:

·      Face-Framing Highlights

You can consider this to be the hottest trend of the year.

It was re-introduced by J-Lo, with a more subtle caramel version. It was followed by many celebs, including Beyonce and Kylie Jenner.

The original look was defined by chunky high contrast (usually, bleached out) highlights. It was remodeled to suit the preferences of today’s women: chicer & more elegant.

It has also transformed into boldly coloured face-framing bangs, ranging from neon pink to mermaid aquamarine.

·      “The Rachel” Cut

If you do not have the Friends’ soundtrack playing in your head, then you may not be familiar with this type of cut.

The craze about it was so real in the ‘90s that women just showed up at hair salons and asked for “The Rachel”.

What started as an accident to help Jennifer Anniston’s bangs grow out, became a statement hair cut with its own name.

In its essence, this is a mid-length layered bob cut, which puts the emphasis on your facial features. For an authentic Rachel look, you should add a cute girl hair clip, as the star did.

·      Funky Accessories Borrowed from the ‘90s

You may have already been using some of these, without knowing that they carried over from the ‘90s fashion podiums.

1.    The Scrunchy

People have been arguing about the classiness of this hairpiece ever since Carrie Bradshaw claimed it to be painfully middle class and tasteless.

Many women have been embracing it lately, though, both on the catwalk and in daily life.

2.    Padded Headbands (or any other kind)

Unlike the scrunchies, padded headbands are considered classy. They come in velvety or silky fabrics. Elegant women, such as Hilary Clinton and the Duchess of Cambridge have incorporated them into their style.

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