What You Need to Know Before You Go Red

Undoubtedly, red is one of the hottest hair colours. It is versatile, fun, and provocative. You have probably had an impulse to switch things up dramatically, but the voice of uncertainty whispered ‘no’ in your ear.

If the idea of being a redhead has settled in with you and you are ready to embrace that fiery look, then you do not want to miss on the wisdom we are about to share with you.

Optimal Redness

When it comes down to picking the right shade of red, the most crucial factor is the tone of your skin.

·      Light Skin

If you are keen on emphasizing your pale skin, then you should go for deep & dark tones, with blue/violet tints.

For a complimentary subtler look, think of the fierier colours. Brighter orange to red, strawberry blonde, and shades of copper are some of your accomplices.

·      Medium Tones

If you are trying to bring out the lighter tones of your skin, then you should consider the cooler red shades, such as rosewood blonde and burgundy.

On the contrary, if you would rather intensify the warmth of your skin tone, then you should opt for golden red, cherry, and deep copper.

·      Dark Skin

The most suitable options on the red spectrum linger close to purple & blue undertones, red velvet, and ruby.

If you do decide to go brighter, keep in mind that you may experience a faster and more pronounced fade.

Washing Tips

Most colour-treated hair requires extra care with shampooing and conditioning. The vibrancy of red tones, though, is trickier to maintain, due to its foundational molecule.

·      Wash Less

The most crucial time for preserving the brightness of your red tone is immediately after dyeing. Allow at least 48 to 72 hours to your first wash, as this will ensure that the colour has settled in the cuticles.

·      Use Cold to Cool Water

If you do not want to compromise the intensity of your tone, you should avoid hot water, as it opens the cuticles and allows colour to escape quickly.

Invest in Red-Depositing Hair Care

The regular colour-care shampoo is certainly useful. However, if you do not fancy visiting the salon every four weeks, then this may be your best bet in preserving the red shades for a while. The red-haired journey could be exciting and enjoyable. No matter which tones you choose, do not attempt at home box colour, and always remember to protect your locks from the heat.

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