In Style with a Bob

Haircuts gain popularity during a period and shortly after are replaced by more trendy ones. You can probably picture many of the so-called classics, which never go out of style.

There is an in between scenario, in which history repeats itself in the hair world, with the bob being the perfect example.

How Did the Bob Appear?

Short haircuts appeared before World War II. They were considered disrespectful and frowned upon. It was not until the 1900s when a brave and eccentric Polish hairdresser, Antoni Cierplikowski made a statement with the short-bobbed cut.

His decision to revolutionize the ladies’ conventional long hairstyles, won him numerous celebrity clients, including Queen Marie of Romania, Coco Chanel, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Greta Garbo.

Evolution of the Bob

The OG Bob

The main features of the authentic 1920s bob AKA shingle cut were extremely short length generously above the shoulders, nearing the ears, combined with a fringe. The shingle cut symbolized women’s rebellion towards the way they were expected to look and behave.


Even though its popularity faded for a while, the bob made a glamorous return in the 1960s. It was revived by Vidal Sassoon. He chose to simplify the cut with cleaner lines and a more approachable chin length, yet not compromising the chic look.


The bob went through numerous transformations and in the early 2000s a few variations were introduced. The A-line and shoulder-length bobs were vouched for by well-known names, such as Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Ricci, and Victoria Beckham.

What’s Trendy?

You can never go wrong with the classical extremely short bob cut.

If you are looking for some inspiration and more extravagant ideas, you can check out J Lo’s 2020 look book. She shone with a shoulder length blunt bob, which glamorously highlighted her sharp facial features.

If you are browsing for a more romantic vibe, have a peak at Emily Ratajkowski Tony Awards bouncy lob style. She is one of the few exceptions of the year, who chose a rather voluminous look over the trendy 2020 sleek hair ‘do.


If you ever thought of going wild and short, the bob cut may just be the perfect match for you. Variations are available, based on the shape of your face, hair texture, and styling preferences. Choose wisely and have fun with it!

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