Fringe for Your Face

Whenever one feels like transforming her appearance, often a new hairstyle is the beginning.

If you have been growing your mane for a while now, though, you will probably be resistant to get an extravagant cut. Colouring is not in the cards either, as you do not want to compromise your fragile locks.

What seems to be a safe bet for a fresher look is a fringe. It is only a small fraction of your hair and it will eventually grow out. It also requires low maintenance and could be easily tucked away whenever unwanted.

Like other hair transformations, you need to carefully evaluate your unique circumstances. The most crucial factor in choosing the optimal fringe is the shape of your face.

Round Face

Side fringe takes the cake among the round-faced crowd. The most favourable kind is soft around the edges and wider as it extends down, creating the illusion of a longer silhouette.

If you are aiming for a more squared jaw look, then you should go for a short & layered fringe.

Diamond Shape

Allow your creativity and wild spirit to flow if you are the lucky bearer of a diamond face. You can embrace any fringe with your wider cheekbones.

The only factor to consider is your lifestyle and maintenance time. 

Square Face

If you are keen on softening your jawline, while emphasizing on your pronounced cheekbones, then an A-shape fringe is the answer. It will draw more attention to your eyes.

For the side fringe fans, your safest bet is on a rounder form & looser strands.

Heart Shape

If you have high cheekbones and pointy chin, which resemble the shape of a heart, then you could gain inspiration from Selena Gomez. She went for a 70’s look, embodied by a light feathery fringe: longer strands hugging the face and shorter mid parts.

If you are not a fan of that style, you could opt in for a swept from the centre side fringe.

Long Face

The good news is that you have more area to play around with, so you can decide which facial features you would prefer to embrace.

A thick & heavy front fringe, grown over the eyebrows will balance your facial features and bring attention to your eyes.


If you are unsure about which type best suits you, test a wig or place the back of your ponytail in a way that imitates the fringe you are considering. Play around with the length and positioning.

Be mindful of the condition of your skin, as your fringe will be in constant contact with it.

Regardless of the shape of your face, have fun with your fringe and remember that it will grow one day!

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