SOS: Oily Scalp

Anyone who has had to deal with an oily scalp understands how embarrassing, frustrating, and inconvenient it could be.

The good news is that there are ways to cope with it both in the foreseeable and long-term future.

Quick Fixes for Oily Scalp

·       Dry Shampoo

If you are in a rush and have a healthy scalp, then this may be the most optimal solution for you. Avoid if you have a serious condition, such as psoriasis or eczema.

·       Choose an Updo to Hide the Oily Roots

This may not be feasible for the ones, who do not have enough length to play around with. However, for those with longer manes, you could utilize a messy ponytail if you are in a real rush or beachy waves, if you can spare a bit longer.

·       Keep the Attention Away with a Stylish Accessory

One of the oldest tricks to hide any hair imperfections is using an eye-catching accessory to distract the viewers. Depending on your taste, you can invest in a bandana, scarf or scrunchy to style the oily roots away.

Commit to Longer-term Remedies

Even though we all wish for painless immediate results, what will truly heal our oily scalps are the long-term repeated efforts we devote to it.

·       Washing Less Often is More Beneficial

Even though shampooing less often may sound counter-intuitive, one of the main reasons why your scalp gets oily is because it produces extra sebum. Stripping your hair off its natural oils will only encourage the process, which you are aiming to eliminate.

·       Get to the Root of the Issue

It is not a secret that our oily scalp could be the surface expression of an underlying condition. Often, it is an indicator of an underlying skin condition or a vitamin B deficiency.

·       Utilize the Right Products

Investing in the most appropriate hair care line for your specific case could be a game-changer. After all, you do not want to spend your hard-earned dollars on an anti-dandruff or moisturizing products when what you need is a gentle oil-extracting shampoo.

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