Colour Me Bright!

Have you ever felt stuck and underwhelmed with your routine?

Did you feel a deep desire to embark on an adventure, spike your adrenaline up, and enjoy a serotonin boost?

Work is busy, the kids school year is not over yet, and money is tight. You need to come up with a more imminent solution than an exotic getaway.

It clicked! Transforming your hair is the answer: it will bring these positive emotions you have been longing for.

It had to be done right: through brave experimenting and going wild.

Highlights in the colours of the rainbow, fuchsia, and shaving half of your head sounded like plausible transformation ideas. 

There is nothing wrong with being brave with your hair colour and cut. If you are about to embark on that journey, there are important considerations you should keep in mind.

What to Avoid When Going Bright and Bold

·       Experimenting at Home

No matter how healthy and strong your hair strands are, you should never attempt to bleach and colour it at home. This is one of the stylist’s biggest nightmares, as they face the mass of negative consequences of box dye and low-quality peroxide. Inevitably, your hair will suffer and almost certainly will not be possible to attain these bright dreamy colours for a while after.

·       Extreme Change Unless 100 % Committed

If you are unsure whether a certain bright colour is what you desire, then you should consult with your preferred stylist. Remember that your hair will undergo intense treatment, in order to get the end results. Often, what that implies is that you will not be able to reverse extreme hair dye decisions without seriously damaging and compromising the health of your hair.

·       Do Not Try Unless Your Hair is Healthy

The most reasonable advice that you will get from the hair experts is to not bleach your hair till it is strong enough to undergo the process. Unfortunately, that is the predecessor of colours, such as flamingo pink and bright yellow. Even if you find a stylist, who agrees to perform the first part of the procedure, your hair will not be able to hold the vibrant colours for as long, since it would have already exhausted its limited capacity.

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