Keune’s So Pure Organic Hair Care for Vegans

Keune’s So Pure Organic Hair Care for Vegans

When it comes down to organic cosmetics, the struggle for vegans is real: most natural brands somewhat get the job done, but the results are never as impressive as after a salon visit.

Usually, options are limited, and vegans are pressed to settle in the name of their moral system.

KEUNE stepped up their game and disrupted the industry with their So Pure Hair Lines.

Their products are 100 % vegan safe and embrace Mother Nature. If you were nervous about your specific hair needs, they also thought about that and offer a wide range of choices.

1.   Calming

Most sought after by people with sensitive skin. It relieves itchy scalp by soothing it with chamomile, argan, and lavender essential oils. Super gentle and subtly floral.

2.   Energizing

Improving scalp circulation to invigorate hair growth and Biotin – to strengthen the cuticles, this line is ideal for brittle hair that falls out frequently. Fresh scents combining lemon, red ginseng, and ginger.

3.   Cooling

After a long unforgiving summer day in Australia, using KEUNE’s So Pure Cooling infused with organic mint oil will not only soothe your scalp, but mind, too.

4.   Moisturizing

Sun, wind, and everything in between is so harsh on our hair. With this 5-product line, enriched with organic shea butter, as well as ylang-ylang, argan and palmarosa oils, deep hydration and return of your hair gloss are guaranteed.

5.   Recover

If the blow dryer and hair straightener are your best buddies, you should consider the So Pure Recover product line. It revives the hair from the inner layers to the outer shell, revitalizing its structure with natural avocado, argan, and coconut oil.

6.   Exfoliating

KEUNE produced the So Pure Exfoliating line with the idea to spare the embarrassment and discomfort that dandruff causes. The anti-bacterial trio of organic tea tree and lavender oils and willow bark extract promises clean and calm scalp for the long run.

7.   Colour Care

Preserving colour does not equal harsh chemical treatments. On the contrary, gentle scalp care is achieved through organic argan oil, amylose, and sunflower seed extract. Perfect moisture is re-introduced alongside heavenly scents of natural sandalwood and jasmine.

8.   Volumizing

Provitamin B 5 and organic argan oil come to the rescue for light, flowy, but thick and strong hair cuticles. Organic lemon and palmarosa oils are added for extra moisture and refreshing aroma.

The So Pure Line also offers organic Moroccan Argan Oil treatments, as well as green Styling Products for the ones who need that extra support in their updos.

KEUNE’s promise is strong: no sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemicals. All the ingredients that go into this special organic vegan edition are naturally derived and not only beneficial for your hair, but overall health.

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