Hair Routine to Tame Your Mane

Hair Routine to Tame Your Mane

Are you constantly battling the frizz?

Do you passionately hate static electricity?

We will offer you a simple hair routine, which will aid you in taming that wild mane. Before we continue, let’s get straight: there is no one universal quick fix.

Here are some tried and true tips to incorporate in your hair routine.

Drop the Towel

If you were wondering why the frizz never goes away, avoid using your body towel to dry your hair. Wrapping it around your head or rubbing against your hair are both recipes for disaster. It may be a better alternative to the blow-dryer but certainly can cause severe damage to the hair follicles. The friction between the harsh fibres and your hair will split the gentle strains and cause unnecessary breakage. If you cannot let it all air dry, consider using a microfibre cloth or an old T-shirt.

Change Your Pillowcase

If you do not braid or put it in a bun while sleeping, for about 8 hours at night, there is constant contact between your hair and the pillowcase. That is why it is incredibly important to invest in the right fabric to rest your head on. To ensure success in keeping the frizz away either choose high thread cotton or silk satin.

Deep Condition Once Per Week

If your hair is not too oily, you can apply coconut, olive, or other virgin organic oil from root to end. Otherwise, lather it from the mid section to the tips. Leave it in for as long as you can, preferably overnight for optimum results. This will deeply nourish your hair and keep it moist for a while, which will defeat the frizz for a while.

If static electricity suddenly catches you off guard before that perfect date, squeeze a dot of hand cream into your palms, spread it evenly and gently touch the outer layers of your hair. Voila, bye, frizz!

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