Get the Beach Babe Wave

Get the Beach Babe Wave

It doesn’t take a genius to guess what look suits the beach the most. Yes! I’m talking about the beach hair we all know compliments our style, whilst rocking that new bikini. Imagine swimming and surfing in the salty sea, running along the coast until your hair dried in the sun and coastal winds. That! That right there is the look you know screams sexy surf babe!

Using good products to simulate the beach hair look is key to achieving the style with little to no damage being your objective.

Science bit

When natural oils and moisture is stripped from the hair cuticle and follicle, the hair looks and feels dryer and even a little brittle. It is damaged and needs the oil to be replenished in order to become silky smooth or straight. Frizzy hair with volume can look great in the right place such as with the beach hair look.

Salt in the sea water coupled with the UV rays from the sun, are a sure fire combination of a way to strip oil from your hair.

When this happens, the hair loses a little of its structure, creating a natural wave in the hair whilst keeping its volume.

This may look sexy but it is not good for your hair. Try to keep your hair out of the rays of the sun for too long and if you are going to swim in the sea, try not to wet your hair, better still, lock in lots of moisturising products to create a good barrier between the hair follicles and the harsh sea water.

Rinse the sea water out with shampoo and conditioner immediately after swimming to save the hair form damage.

But do not despair, you can still have the beach hair style by using products that simulate the salt water effects on your hair in a safe and controlled way.

Making sure you follow the correct procedure to protect the hair, means you can get the look you like in a safe way and keep your hair feeling great.


Just like with regular styling of your hair, you should always take care to lock in the moisture of the hair before attempting to style with heat or with products. This protects the hair follicles and reduces the damage to the hair and hair ends from splitting prematurely.

Using a back combing technique is the most popular way to achieve the beach hair look. But with our products, you will be able to keep hair damage to a minimum.

Using a hair dryer to half-dry your hair, apply the relevant products before and during the drying stages. Then, turn your head upside down and blow dry the hair upwards to achieve volume. Spray in the last product, keep back combing to a minimum.

The best products to get the beach babe hair

The unique thing about the beach babe style, is that you are looking to create a dishevelled and messy look. This doesn’t necessarily look healthy but, of course you do want your hair to remain in good condition.

So, use the following products and tools in this order:

Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioners while washing, heat protection syrums or creams before heating, a good hair dryer, beach hair styling products, half way through drying and a little more at the end, voluminous powders or sprays.

Trying the correct products and following the correct technique will ensure you are rocking the beach hair look all day, and night long with no hair damage. A true evolutionary and pure genius product and style invention, thank you universe!