Don’t give it the Brush Off

Don’t give it the Brush Off

The humble hair brush, I bet you really don’t give it much thought at all do you? You may think about it a bit if you regularly use one to style your hair or perhaps you fleetingly admired the one your hairdresser used on your hair on your last visit, but chances are you just use the same old one you happened to buy ages back for everything and don’t give it a second thought.

However, did you know that if you choose the right brush for your hair type and for the task you are doing with your hair you can end up with a far superior finish and less stress to you and those tresses.

The Right Tool for the Job.

To start with you know how much of a challenge it can be to get those tangles out of your hair especially after washing and particularly if you have thick curly hair. Well a basic detangling brush is well worth investing in. Not only is it a quick and effective way to get your hair ready for styling, but because of its structure and the material it is made of it causes far less damage than a standard brush and works well on children and hair extensions too.

Even for your basic hair styling, depending on its length and texture there are a wide range of different types and size of brush and using the one that is right for you can make a big difference.

For medium and long hair it only makes sense to use a larger barrelled brush or a paddle brush as it makes short work of getting the volume of hair dried quickly and more efficiently, but is also good with working the hair into a ponytail etc.

Obviously for shorter cuts a small barrelled brush of about 35 mm is better as it can get in there more effectively and of course gives more control for managing shorter hair sections for styling, with a bigger brush, you will never be able to get a decent grip on your hair.

Let’s get technical now

Many of the brushes for styling hair that you can purchase now are listed as Ceramic Coated which means the brush keeps the heat from the hair dryer speeding up the time it takes to dry hair. You will also see Vent brushes, due to the shaping and the large vents in these type of brushes, the heat get to the roots of the hair quicker and easier, again cutting down the amount of time you need to apply heat to the head, which can only be a bonus.

The Crowning Glory

Take pride in your crowning glory and take some of the stress and time out of getting it looking it’s best by simply making sure you are using the best tool for the job.