Travel Go Lightly

Travel Go Lightly

When it’s time to go on holiday, the last thing you want to do is lug around a bunch of big bottles. When you want to look great but keep your luggage free for other things, travel size hair products are just what you need. You can also keep looking great on business trips with trial sized travel packs and keep things light. Travel size hair products can be great for salon owners or hair stylists to carry in their shop, not only to give as samples to try bigger sized products but also to offer for sale to clients when they travel.

Sun and Sea Holidays

Many of us don’t have time, when we are on holiday, to go for special treatments when our hair gets dried out from being in the sea and sun. Travel packs that have mini treatments inside, in addition to shampoo and conditioner to hydrate hair, are just what you need to protect your hair from the elements. There are also volumizing travel packs for normal, fine, limp or oily hair. Travel packs let you have great hair and not have to bring 5 kilos of product to have it.

Even if you are getting away for a beach weekend, you can keep hair looking great with a weekend travel pack. While you are at it, protect your hands with a travel sized hand cream to keep your hands as smooth as your hair.

Many men these days are interested in taking care of their hair and looking stylish too. There are great travel packs for men that have hydrating shampoo and other products. Other men’s travel packs can include shaving creams and face balm.

Hairstylist Hospitality

Hairstylists or salons, let your colour client buy a travel size shampoo or conditioner to try out your colour protecting hair products.  Coloured hair needs special care, and a travel size will let your clients try out products or take them with them on holiday or business trips. You can even give these out as gifts to special clients or use them as part of a special with their colouring treatment. Travel sized products can help you increase business while keeping clients happy.

Styling on the Go

If you are on the go a lot and need to style your hair, then travel sized styling products are for you. You don’t want to have to carry around a big bag of products when you have so many other things to deal with. Whether you need a shaping product, a molding product, lacquer or just some gel, it is great to have them in small sizes to pop into your bag and go. Travel sized products set you free.