It’s all about the Groom(ing)

It’s all about the Groom(ing)

We know you like to have a bit of rough and tumble, on the Rugby Field, in the surf, or whatever does it for you to get the heart pumping and the testosterone flowing. But to be honest the look after such pursuits is not good. Seriously, the red blotchy face, lank greasy hair and sweat drenched beard, can only be allowed for so long after the end of play, let’s talk about getting groomed.

Face First

We’ll start with that sweaty beard shall we? It probably needs a bit of a tidy up and re-defining with a quick trim and shave. No doubt your skin around the beard is a little dry and sensitive, so a good moisturising shaving cream helps counter that and ensures a smooth clean edge to your beard. Once that beard is all clean and smart, you can keep it in place and nourished with a beard balm, full of lots of natural ingredients or alternatively if you are going for a luscious shine, use some beard oil.

Top of the Shop

Now to the head and hair. If you are going to be washing your hair and scalp daily, you don’t want to be using anything too harsh, so you are best off using a mild shampoo coupled with a mild conditioner. These formulas can also be used on your beard to keep it in tip top condition too.

Should your hair and scalp require a bit of extra help, with dandruff for example, a purifying shampoo is what you need. Or maybe you want to improve the thickness and strength of your hair, so a fortifying shampoo and a dash of fortifying lotion will do the trick.

Finishing Touches

So, your beard is all set and ready for anything and the hair is looking and smelling so much better, but we need to make sure that it keeps its style and vigour until the next scrum or 50 lengths in the pool. For short to medium length hair use a clay product which will give you a strong hold and matt finish. However, if you need something stronger to keep those locks in place a premier paste is what you need for a long lasting effect.

Yes, we are talking about taking a bit of time and effort here, but it is like maintaining your car. You need to keep it in tip top condition for it to work well for you, no-one is impressed with a dull, scruffy finish in a car or a man. So, go and get grooming for that dapper look around the office, that date with someone special or for that day you are ‘The Groom’!