Who’s a Handsome Devil!

Who’s a Handsome Devil!

Whether you are one for the floppy fringe, strident spikes or a close shave finish to your crowning glory, you do need to put some work into getting that style just right and keeping it so, throughout the trials and tribulations of the day and be able to take the credit on hearing that comment of ‘Who’s that handsome devil?’

The Science Bit

It’s not really rocket science to look good on top but, you do need to keep looking after your hair and keep it in the best state to ensure you can style it how you want and for the best results. Therefore, a regular trim, every six weeks is usually recommended as the first step.  Even if you are going for the longer length styles, regular trimming means you aren’t dealing with rough, split ends, or just too much hair to manage. Of course, regular washing and conditioning also makes your hair easier to handle when styling and it’s good to give it a treatment every now and again like deep conditioning (but not too often) perhaps, when it has been overly stressed by sun and sea or too many sessions in the pool, sea or gym.

Maintaining That Look

A good styling cream or wax is essential for longer hair styles to keep them in place so that your fringe doesn’t flop more than you want it to or your spikes start to droop!

If you are looking for a more polished look and to protect your scalp from harmful UV rays, and you are going for the close crop style then look for a product that contains sun protection


The Best Products to enhance and keep that style

So once you have given your locks a good shampoo and condition, do you have the right tools to create ‘that look’? We are talking brushes and hair dryers here guys, sadly not power tools, although to be fair some hair dryers pack a mighty punch in getting your locks dry and styled in double quick time.

And of course, should you find your scalp is getting a little sensitive or dandruff is becoming a problem you can always find a product that will help you with this, the sooner you get a solution the sooner your hair and scalp will be back to its manageable self and not become a long term problem, be pro-active, you know it’s for the best. Finally, don’t be afraid to lavish time and effort on this area of yourself as people always appreciate a well groomed appearance. The shaggy dog look or bruiser look can only really be carried off by actors and cartoon characters these days!