Grease is the Word

Grease is the Word

Greasy hair can look dirty and is not the look that all women want to achieve. For some women, greasy hair is the bane of their existence and difficult to manage. There are many reasons, some surprising, that some women suffer from greasy hair. Dermatologists and hairstylists let us in on some unanticipated causes of greasy hair and, thankfully, some easy solutions.

The Science Bit 

The main cause of oily hair is sebaceous glands in the scalp producing excess sebum, which moves down the hair shaft. Sebum is the natural oil your scalp produces. There are many causes for excess sebum including diet, hormonal imbalances, genes, and humidity. Seborrheic dermatitis can also cause greasy hair in addition to scaly patches on your scalp. This dermatitis would need the help of a dermatologist.

Maintaining Greasy Hair

To maintain greasy hair try shampooing less often. Every time you shampoo you strip your hair of oil and your scalp then tries to balance things out by creating even more sebum (oil). Try washing it every other day, washing once and rinsing twice to reduce product buildup on your scalp. Also, steer clear of leave in conditioners, oils and moisturising products as they can weigh hair down and make it appear less clean. Also, only apply conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends after shampooing. Your scalp produces enough oil without rubbing in more.

When first skipping shampoo days your hair will look greasy. Don’t panic. Dry shampoo can be your best friend at this point. The most effective way to use dry shampoo is to brush your hair first before applying. Next, you shake your can of dry shampoo and, keeping it just a few inches from your head, mist it just on the roots. Then re-brush your hair to distribute the product evenly. If you miss the re-brush step, the dry shampoo can clog the pores of your scalp causing overproduction of oil again.

Also, healthy eating can help. The battle against greasy hair can be fought by taking in a proper amount of B vitamins to regulate sebum production. A great way to get B vitamins is eating beans.

Another quick fix on greasy hair days is loose curls. Get out your curling iron and create some loose curls by wrapping sections of your hair around the iron. Then brush it out with your fingers and seal the deal with a sea salt or texturizing spray.

The Best Products to Use on Oily Hair

For the battle of the grease, you will need: shampoo and conditioner for oily hair, dry shampoo, texturizing or sea salt spray, a paddle hairbrush, and curling iron. Your days of greasy hair gloominess will be over soon!